Concept Design
& Consulting

We collaborate with startups and organizations, for consulting services and project management to help make, market, and manage digital ventures.

Redefine Your Brand
for the Digital Age

We're excited to help create products and services for brands that want to become more efficient, more effective, more modern, and more meaningful.

About Us

ReEncoded is a consulting firm based in Reno, Nevada
Our focus is centered around project management and consulting for digital projects and businesses.
We are proud to work with brands and organizations of all shapes and sizes, from solo founders to large multinational Fortune 100 companies.

Adobe Systems
A to Z Insurance Services
Oreilly Media



We advise on idea validation, design, development, and best practices for software, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Concept Design

Let's take your idea from concept to reality with planning and designing prototypes. From there, we can help hire or assist with your development phases to finally take it into production.

Project Management

Add extra resources, skills, and insight to your projects without the need for hiring and managing extra employees. We can help with subcontracting design and engineering or for oversight on existing projects.

Research & Development

From solving technical and creative problems to understanding opportunities and competition, conducting research is critical. We're constantly excited to discover and create solutions for both challenging problems and opportunties.

Contact Us

We usually work as a remote partner, but can meet in person if you are located in Reno or any nearby areas such as Truckee, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe.

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