10 Great, Quick Tips On How To Get More Freelance Work!

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When you’re a freelancer, and especially around holidays – it can be tricky to keep busy. Obviously, this can be avoided to some degree if you keep a focus on this all year. Try to always think of alternative ways to earn some money and build a wider reputation. Today we’ll give you a quick and simply list of ideas to where you can find some client leads and smaller or bigger projects. These can vary from country to country, but we’re pretty sure there could be some tips here for you.


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Good luck!


Staying in touch with old clients

Make sure to not forget those you’ve done business with in the past. They’re often more likely to come back if you keep reminding them that you’re there. Send them a Christmas card or give them a call every now and then!


Friends and family

Make sure your friends and family know your business and all the services you have to offer. And why not give them a few business cards if they hear of someone who could need your help? It’s a cheap way of getting new leads, and usually they don’t mind helping at all!


Be active in social media

When using social media, you have a new worldwide market that is available to you. Make sure to answer people who try to get in touch with you, and inform about what you do. Don’t forget to link to your website in your profile(s). Search for people who need your services through tags or run your own campaigns to generate interest. Use your imagination and there could be many interesting offers coming your way!



Spending a few minutes a month to send out newsletters to contacts can mean extra work if done right. Read up on how to make effective newsletters, give some good offers to those who reply quickly and cross your fingers.


New products to existing clients

This is something we often forget. If you have a wide range of services/products, you should never think that everyone knows exactly what you’re offering. Maybe a client came to you needing a website three years ago and they don’t know that you also offer business cards or other services. The end of the year (or beginning of a new one) is always a great time to look through your existing client base and make a phone call to them. Hear if they need anything else and inform them of everything you do. Maybe you even could give them a good deal if they let you do more than one job for them? Definitely worth the effort to give this a try!


Become a sponsor

To get your name and logo out there, sponsoring an event or team can be well-spent money/work hours. Some teams cannot even afford to get their letterheads printed or maintaining the website. By offering discounts or free hours to get your logo on their shirts or the stadium in return, you’ll get a great chance to get some new clients. And while trying to get the attention of new projects, you’re doing something good for a local event/team.


Guest writing and tutorials

By guest writing on blogs related to your field of work (including making tutorials), you will without doubt get in touch with new people. This could be other freelancers that you can share experiences with, – or even potential clients. Many blogs pay you to write for them as well as providing a link back to your website. This can mean a lot of work for little money, but in most cases it’s worth a try.


Post answers on forums

Most likely there are forums related to your field of work. By helping out others on the forums (and including a link to your portfolio/website), you could make some valuable new contacts here.



As traditional as it sounds to place an ad for your business somewhere, it still is something that today shows results. There are tons of ways to advertise, from international websites to your local newspaper. It all depends on where you expect potential clients to be located, and of course your budget. You can even use free boards (both online and in your neighbourhood). It’s all about using your creativity.


Make cold calls

Call around to local businesses in your area to hear if they would be interested in an offer from you on what you have to offer. Be prepared for many No’s, but don’t give up! Many businesses prefer to help out local freelancers instead of using the bigger companies for everything. Make a list of good reasons why they should choose you and try to sell your services without sounding too desperate!


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There are MANY more ways to try get more work. Use your creativity and imagination and you’ll be more likely to get something out of this. Just remember to not give up on the first try. Being a freelancer can many times be very hard work, but once you’ve worked really hard to get somewhere, it sure does feel great!

Good luck! 🙂



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