Great resources: 20 Websites for Typography Lovers

March 8th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Aesthetics, Resources, Various

Most designers work with some sort of typography. This could be if you’re designing a logo, making digital artworks, posters/prints and of course when designing websites. Your choice of type, colors and layout will be important for the end result and can often make a huge impact on your clients or readers. This time we’ve made a list for you to get inspired by, also including some websites where you can learn more.

We hope this selection can help you out with your future creative projects.


I love typography


Typography daily

The ministry of type


The type studio

Nice web type

Upscale typography


The type directors club

Alltop top typography news

Daily type

Typography served


The journal of urban typography

Typo/graphic posters

We love typography


My fontbook


We hope you’ve enjoyed these 20 websites. We’d love to hear your comments, and feel free to share your favorites with us!

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Become a Master of Typography with 25+ Great Tutorials

June 17th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Aesthetics, Graphics, Photoshop, Tutorials, Web Design

This time I’ve put together a variation of different typography-related tutorials for you to practice your skills. Most of these are Photoshop tutorials, and some also include a couple of other programs.
These typography-effects can show you some new tips and tricks to use in all kinds of designs, from backgrounds to web-design and more. Get ready to fill up your design toolbox with a couple of new tricks!


Here you will learn to create a font in illustrator to then mix it with some images in Photoshop. A funny and versatile effect that can be applied to many different kinds of liquid as long as you have photos to use!

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