8 Tips for Maximized Freelance Design Motivation

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Ever feel like you’re completely dried out and there’s no motivation to be found? Here are a few simple tips that could help you out.
Remember that the solution isn’t necessary as complicated as you may think. Try one or more of our tips and you’ll probably feel a lot more inspired soon!

Image by Cristopher Bruno

Take a few hours off

If you’ve worked way too much over time, and that is your reason for feeling the way you do – a few hours off can do wonders for you. If you don’t have the chance to take a day or two,- a long lunch or a walk during the day can help a lot. It’s all about getting out of the office a bit, and you’ll quickly feel the difference it can make.


Do something fun!

Spending time on a hobby or with friends can help you reset your mind a bit and not think about work. And when you’re back at the office, you’ll see everything with fresh new eyes!

Browse websites/portfolios

Looking through other people’s work can often be just what you need. It’s really inspiring to see all the great designers out there and they’re style of work. Maybe you’ll find a color scheme that inspires you, a font or suddenly think of new ways of solving your tasks.

Eat and drink

Image by Roger Kirby


Many times your feeling of bad motivation comes from your brain and body needing some more fuel. If you work really hard it can be easy to forget to eat and drink properly. Make sure to have nutritious meals, drink a lot of water and have snacks ready in case you need them.

Get some exercise

Is your body in shape? By starting to exercise you often get more energy almost instantly, and you’ll feel better in general. This is especially important for those of us who sit still most of the day.


Getting enough sleep is always hard, especially if you’re a freelancer and/or run your own business, Make sure you get the number of hours you need each night or you’ll get burned out real quick.

Change your surroundings

Maybe you need to work somewhere else a day or two? Or maybe you should re-decorate in the office? Small changes can make a huge difference for your creativity and motivation.

Clean up the mess

Image by Jean Sheijen


Trying to work efficiently in a messy environment is anything but motivating. Make sure your software is up to date, throw away old coffee cups, archive old documents and throw away everything you wont need again. An hour of cleaning and you’ll feel refreshed.


We hope you found some of our tips helpful. As usual we’d love to hear about your own tips and experienced.
Good luck finding your motivation!

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10 Great, Quick Tips On How To Get More Freelance Work!

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When you’re a freelancer, and especially around holidays – it can be tricky to keep busy. Obviously, this can be avoided to some degree if you keep a focus on this all year. Try to always think of alternative ways to earn some money and build a wider reputation. Today we’ll give you a quick and simply list of ideas to where you can find some client leads and smaller or bigger projects. These can vary from country to country, but we’re pretty sure there could be some tips here for you.


Image by: Tracy Carpena

Good luck!


Staying in touch with old clients

Make sure to not forget those you’ve done business with in the past. They’re often more likely to come back if you keep reminding them that you’re there. Send them a Christmas card or give them a call every now and then!


Friends and family

Make sure your friends and family know your business and all the services you have to offer. And why not give them a few business cards if they hear of someone who could need your help? It’s a cheap way of getting new leads, and usually they don’t mind helping at all!


Be active in social media

When using social media, you have a new worldwide market that is available to you. Make sure to answer people who try to get in touch with you, and inform about what you do. Don’t forget to link to your website in your profile(s). Search for people who need your services through tags or run your own campaigns to generate interest. Use your imagination and there could be many interesting offers coming your way!



Spending a few minutes a month to send out newsletters to contacts can mean extra work if done right. Read up on how to make effective newsletters, give some good offers to those who reply quickly and cross your fingers.


New products to existing clients

This is something we often forget. If you have a wide range of services/products, you should never think that everyone knows exactly what you’re offering. Maybe a client came to you needing a website three years ago and they don’t know that you also offer business cards or other services. The end of the year (or beginning of a new one) is always a great time to look through your existing client base and make a phone call to them. Hear if they need anything else and inform them of everything you do. Maybe you even could give them a good deal if they let you do more than one job for them? Definitely worth the effort to give this a try!


Become a sponsor

To get your name and logo out there, sponsoring an event or team can be well-spent money/work hours. Some teams cannot even afford to get their letterheads printed or maintaining the website. By offering discounts or free hours to get your logo on their shirts or the stadium in return, you’ll get a great chance to get some new clients. And while trying to get the attention of new projects, you’re doing something good for a local event/team.


Guest writing and tutorials

By guest writing on blogs related to your field of work (including making tutorials), you will without doubt get in touch with new people. This could be other freelancers that you can share experiences with, – or even potential clients. Many blogs pay you to write for them as well as providing a link back to your website. This can mean a lot of work for little money, but in most cases it’s worth a try.


Post answers on forums

Most likely there are forums related to your field of work. By helping out others on the forums (and including a link to your portfolio/website), you could make some valuable new contacts here.



As traditional as it sounds to place an ad for your business somewhere, it still is something that today shows results. There are tons of ways to advertise, from international websites to your local newspaper. It all depends on where you expect potential clients to be located, and of course your budget. You can even use free boards (both online and in your neighbourhood). It’s all about using your creativity.


Make cold calls

Call around to local businesses in your area to hear if they would be interested in an offer from you on what you have to offer. Be prepared for many No’s, but don’t give up! Many businesses prefer to help out local freelancers instead of using the bigger companies for everything. Make a list of good reasons why they should choose you and try to sell your services without sounding too desperate!


Image by: Kristja


There are MANY more ways to try get more work. Use your creativity and imagination and you’ll be more likely to get something out of this. Just remember to not give up on the first try. Being a freelancer can many times be very hard work, but once you’ve worked really hard to get somewhere, it sure does feel great!

Good luck! 🙂



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Seven Smart Tips On How To Be More Efficient Every Day!

March 12th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Inspiration, Various

Working as a designer, whether you’re freelance or not, means dealing with many challenges on a daily basis. Being a little bit more efficient on a daily basis, could mean a lot when seen through a whole month. When you feel everything goes smooth and quickly, you’ll also feel much more confident in what you do.

Image by: Gary Tamin

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The Art of Earning Money in Slow Times as a Freelance Designer

March 9th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Various, Web Design
You’ve probably experienced, or will experience in the future, that you have slow times in business. During holidays or due to other factors, there can be days and weeks when you are more or less without work. Instead of sitting there feeling extremely frustrated you should try to use this as a chance to try out new ways of earning money, getting clients and getting better prepared for when everything is back to normal again.
To help you out, here are some tips for how you can turn these situations into something constructive for your business.

Look at similar niches to your own

Image by Svilen Milev

Having several fields to do business in will most of the time be a great advantage. Have a look around and think of new products and services to add to your list. If you’re a web or graphic designer there are usually many options available. Why not add logo design, business cards, various prints ++ to what you can do? There could be several things that are very close to what you do today and you may just well have the skills for it already!

Contests and crowd-sourcing

A nice way to earn some extra money while building up a good portfolio can be to take part in contest or crowd-sourcing projects. It may not be a steady or guaranteed income but it’s definitely better than just sitting there. Check out which websites out there that offer contests and crowd-sourced projects related to your niche and get started.

Selling “leftovers”

If you’ve been designing for a while there’s a good chance you have plenty of designs, snippets or images that for various reasons have been discarded. This doesn’t have to mean they’re useless, even if your client went for another option. Many designers have literally hundreds(maybe even thousands) of dollars sitting in their hard-drives. Take the time to sort through all your old stuff and see if anything can be useful to others. Many websites out there sell stocks and templates of different types.

Guest Posting

Image by Dmitri Popov

The reason why you’re reading this article right now, is because I wrote it. And why did I write it? Well, it all started a while back when I needed an extra income while things in graphic design were quite slow in my area. I started contacting a couple of websites related to my business and interests who offered paid guest posts. One post lead to another and I got contacted by many websites over the next few months. I don’t really have much writing experience, but I write with passion about things I love, like design and freelancing. It quickly became a good source of extra income to me and today most of my income actually comes from writing and tutorials. This shows that if you want to, you can most likely do it. Brainstorm a bit, write a few articles or ideas and try send them around to websites where you think they may fit in. If you’re good at it, and lucky, you can make a very good extra income from this!

Your own website

If you’re having a lot of extra time on your hands, starting up your own website/blog related to your field can be an idea. Earning a lot of money in short time is not very likely, but if you’re patient and do the right things you could be able to sell ad spots for a decent price within a few months.

It works!

Obviously you can’t expect to get rich overnight, these tips are meant to help with some extra income in a tough period. Still I know for sure that if you’re determined, open-minded and do your best, it works. One of my friends works as a web developer and he’s been making custom templates for businesses for a couple of years. When he started to sort through some of his unfinished ideas and some discarded projects, he spent a few hours cleaning them up and two of them became best sellers on Theme Forest. I also know a couple of illustrators that have earned a decent amount of money from logo design contests online, and myself I have sold pictures through iStockphoto and other websites. As long as you spend the time that is required to do things well you’ll be likely to make a few extra bucks here and there.
Image by Fleur Suijten
Finally we’d love to hear your own tips and stories in the comments. Good luck!
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How To Become a Better Designer

March 8th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Various, Web Design, Web Design for Beginners

Being a web designer usually means having a lot of competition. Many designers today (both web- and graphic-) compete with thousands of others for jobs around the entire globe. Thanks to the revolution of the Internet we’re able to work with and for people pretty much anywhere.

Having all this competition means that you have to do your best at all times to get and keep clients. We’ve put together some tips for those who want to become a better web designer, which can also serve as a handy reminder for those that have been working in the business for some time.

These tips are not necessarily groundbreaking but when you’re in the middle of it all it can be good to also be reminded of things that sound logical when you hear them.

Now let’s get started!


Image by Bethany Carlson

Making sure you know what you’re doing is a must. This means that you have to decide how you want to keep on learning. This could mean taking classes, watching tutorials, getting a part time job in a company while you’re waiting to break through as a freelancer, and more.

Listen to the client

One of the most important things to do to have clients love your work is to listen to them. Write a proper design brief, take notes and make sure that you got it right by having them confirm. This will make them happier with the result and also save you from having to redo any of the work at the end of the project.

Set proper deadlines

Image by Ivan Prole

To do your best work you need to make sure to have the time required. While many of us work best under pressure, we still need an amount of hours to be able to do things in a good way. Remember that many things will come up during a project, and you’ll often have to spend a bit more time on your designs than what you thought at first. Make sure to set deadlines that you can live with and not work yourself to death close to every single deadline. Give yourself space to think through what you do.

Look at other peoples work

To keep getting better and better, you need to stay up to date on trends. By regularly browsing portfolios and galleries, you’ll get new ideas and understand what is currently “in”.

Keep it simple

Take notes, make simple mock-ups/wire-frames. Don’t go over the top. Busy designs usually live a short life and to make something that will last, you’ll need to have the ability to keep things simple throughout the entire process.

Have the target in mind

Image by Kaliyoda

Remember who your client is and make sure that they’re getting something that fits them and their customers. The design you’re making is supposed to work well for a certain group of people, and you’ll need to keep this in mind the entire time.

Think design, not software

Think about the end result you want instead of trying to use every single technique you’ve ever learned. Let the design and end result lead you, and use what is required to get there. If you take on too much you may end up with a design that is too complicated and hard to maintain.


Image by Zsuzsanna Kilian

The most important thing to remember to become a better designer is to evaluate. Notice what you’re doing when things go bad and try not to do the same mistakes over again. Notice what you do when things go well and try to keep doing it that way.

We hope you’ve found these reminders useful and wish you the best of luck in becoming a better designer!

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