Finally, A Replacement for FTP

August 13th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in [Re]views

FTP has long been the worlds number one solution for transfer of files. It is well constructed, and easy to use but remains inherently insecure due to the fact no encryption is built in. Anyone on the same network with a reasonable amount of knowledge and a packet sniffer can capture all of the data you transmit as nothing is done to protect it. FTP has attempted to make some adjustments towards encryption but the technology was invented before many of the methods they use now such as SSL. FTPS or FTP over SSL is one common solution to this problem. However, an SSL connection requires the use of an SSL certificate and must be setup and maintained to get any amount of protection from it. FTP also does not keep files separate between users unless you constantly manage your installation. Transfer between users becomes difficult and remains unencrypted.

FTP over SSH is also often used to fix the encryption problem with FTP. However, FTP uses multiple TCP connections and it becomes particularly difficult to tunnel over SSH. Many SSH clients will set up protection over the control channel (usually port 21) but as FTP uses multiple connections, the FTP software will often set up additional TCP connections not protected by the SSH installation on the control channel thereby nullifying any effort to protect your data.

Single Wrench has finally offered an alternative that fixes many of these key issues. Files are encrypted during upload and download as well as all communication between servers being encrypted. Files are hosted on their servers so you do not need to monitor an installation or keep around expensive hardware. Single Wrench provides separate user accounts with easy transfers that don’t require users to install any software such as an FTP client on their system. If you send files, you will be notified of receipt so you never have to wonder if it got there. Single Wrench remains highly customizable and offers online control as well as FTP-like connections.

Single Wrench User Interface

Sign up with Single Wrench now to try it out. They offer a 30-day trial so there’s no reason not to give it a try and see what you’ve been missing out on. If you do decide to purchase their services, use our link below to get 10% off.

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