Creating Usable, Search Engine Friendly URLs

August 10th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in SEO

There are many reasons to use mod_rewrite to create informative, useful URLs for your website. Most dynamic websites use some form of PHP or ASP to pull the data from the database and often times use that data in the URL as a string. This is not only a potential security flaw, it also gives the user and search engine alike a very uninformative destination for your website.

Rather than have your page selling a baseball bat as that would take you to sales page for the bat, it makes much more sense to have that URL be While both of these URLs might take you to the same page, the user will know exactly what the page has on it when going through his history or if he emails it to himself or writes it down. Continue reading “Creating Usable, Search Engine Friendly URLs” »

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