25 Helpful Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers

In this collection I’ve found some Photoshop tutorials for you to get inspired from and learn new tips and techniques for your web designs. This roundup contains tutorials from various websites and authors. Here you will find tutorials on how to make a whole website layout and also smaller elements, like buttons and footers.

Did you ever want to start designing some websites for yourself, friends or do you just want to learn a new thing or two on this topic related to Photoshop? Here is a collection with a good variety of different styles for you to learn from.


How To Build Your Own Single Page Portfolio Website

In this tutorial you will have a look at producing a single page portfolio concept in Photoshop, constructing the page in XHTML/CSS and adding some fancy functionality with jQuery.

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The Ten Blessings of a Freelancer

May 25th, 2010 | 4 Comments | Posted in Various, Web Design

A lot of designers today work as full- or part-time freelancers. It’s quite easy to find lots of articles on how hard freelancing can be, but this time I’ve decided to write an article dedicated to all the positive things.
Yes, freelancing is hard work – harder than you can imagine, but it also has many benefits. The flexibility you get is the most important thing that you will notice right away. Remember to use it the right way.
Here are 10 of the best things you will experience from being a freelancer!

1. Doing what you love

Picture by Billy Alexander

Even though you have to prepare to do many extra things, like book-keeping and such, being a freelancer in a self chosen niche means you will get to do what you love a lot. Being able to support yourself by doing something you really love isn’t reserved for just anyone, it takes passion, but this thing alone can make many a hard day worth it. Continue reading “The Ten Blessings of a Freelancer” »

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42 Awesome Business Card Designs (With Links to 100s More)

May 20th, 2008 | 245 Comments | Posted in Various

metal business card designs

In today’s tech-oriented world of short attention spans it is more important than ever to make a compelling first impression. A brilliant business card that speaks to your profession, serves some unusual function or that transforms into something else can be a great way to grab attention and inspire those you meet. Organized by category here are 42 extremely creative business card designs. Some of these are old, some new, but all are still amazing examples of out-of-the-box thinking in business card design. Click here for more creative swag ideas.

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