Reencoded’s Top Fonts

March 7th, 2009 | 7 Comments | Posted in Usability

I’ve picked these five fonts as my most used fonts over time. Most likely you will disagree, everyone has their own tastes. I’ve looked over hundreds upon hundreds of fonts picking the perfect script for my logos or designs. These are the five fonts I have used the most. If you haven’t noticed some of them before, it’s worth giving them a look.


I know, I know, Trajan is horribly overused but I keep using it in my designs time and time again. Trajan was designed by Carol Twombly, a well known font designer and Adobe employee since 1988 (also created Adobe Caslon). Created in 1989, Trajan is a timeless classic great for poster use as well as elegant and corporate designs. Although not a free font, it is shipped with Adobe products such as their Creative Suite.

Geo Sans Light

Geo Sans Light is created by font designer Manfred Klein. Manfred was born in 1932 and worked in a variety of advertising agencies until a serious accident caused him to turn to making fonts. Geo Sans Light is just one of the free fonts he has invented. It has a very modern look and unique design that is a great touch to logos, websites and other design projects. Download it for free here:


Arial is one of the most common fonts in the world. Although use is widespread, this font is timeless. It was created in 1990 and has shipped with Windows since 1992. Arial is for large blocks of text, but isn’t much of a title or logo font. I use Arial in one way or another in the majority of my design projects. Arial is not available for free download.

Birth of a Hero

Birth of a Hero is a great grunge font from Last Soundtrack. Not for use in any project, it looks great on a dirty / grungy themed site. Behind the grunge design is a well designed font. Smooth lines, rotated letters and uniform circles make Birth of a Hero a definite keeper. Download it for free here:


Metroscript happens to be one of’s best sellers in the last year. Designed by Michael Doret, this script mimics hand-lettering and has a decidedly older feel to it. It reminds me of a Coca Cola or athletic uniform font, and is great in antique style designs. Metroscript is free download.

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