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The Buffet Framework



Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework



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How To Become a Better Designer

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Being a web designer usually means having a lot of competition. Many designers today (both web- and graphic-) compete with thousands of others for jobs around the entire globe. Thanks to the revolution of the Internet we’re able to work with and for people pretty much anywhere.

Having all this competition means that you have to do your best at all times to get and keep clients. We’ve put together some tips for those who want to become a better web designer, which can also serve as a handy reminder for those that have been working in the business for some time.

These tips are not necessarily groundbreaking but when you’re in the middle of it all it can be good to also be reminded of things that sound logical when you hear them.

Now let’s get started!


Image by Bethany Carlson

Making sure you know what you’re doing is a must. This means that you have to decide how you want to keep on learning. This could mean taking classes, watching tutorials, getting a part time job in a company while you’re waiting to break through as a freelancer, and more.

Listen to the client

One of the most important things to do to have clients love your work is to listen to them. Write a proper design brief, take notes and make sure that you got it right by having them confirm. This will make them happier with the result and also save you from having to redo any of the work at the end of the project.

Set proper deadlines

Image by Ivan Prole

To do your best work you need to make sure to have the time required. While many of us work best under pressure, we still need an amount of hours to be able to do things in a good way. Remember that many things will come up during a project, and you’ll often have to spend a bit more time on your designs than what you thought at first. Make sure to set deadlines that you can live with and not work yourself to death close to every single deadline. Give yourself space to think through what you do.

Look at other peoples work

To keep getting better and better, you need to stay up to date on trends. By regularly browsing portfolios and galleries, you’ll get new ideas and understand what is currently “in”.

Keep it simple

Take notes, make simple mock-ups/wire-frames. Don’t go over the top. Busy designs usually live a short life and to make something that will last, you’ll need to have the ability to keep things simple throughout the entire process.

Have the target in mind

Image by Kaliyoda

Remember who your client is and make sure that they’re getting something that fits them and their customers. The design you’re making is supposed to work well for a certain group of people, and you’ll need to keep this in mind the entire time.

Think design, not software

Think about the end result you want instead of trying to use every single technique you’ve ever learned. Let the design and end result lead you, and use what is required to get there. If you take on too much you may end up with a design that is too complicated and hard to maintain.


Image by Zsuzsanna Kilian

The most important thing to remember to become a better designer is to evaluate. Notice what you’re doing when things go bad and try not to do the same mistakes over again. Notice what you do when things go well and try to keep doing it that way.

We hope you’ve found these reminders useful and wish you the best of luck in becoming a better designer!

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