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March 5th, 2014 Posted in Increasing Traffic, Inspiration, Various

As a designer, getting those clients can be a true challenge. Here we’ll have a look at ten ways to get some new clients to your business. There are traditional ways and there are nontraditional ways to get it done. Either way is good as long as you’re actually getting some results.

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By using one or more of these tips you’ll increase the chance of getting your business out there.

Having a great Website – and getting the word out there

Having a great website is clearly important, but having people visit it is even more important. Use the required resources to get a website that looks good, stands out, can be well navigated in and be accessible! Your website will be important as you can present your company, products, services and portfolio there. Also make sure to share links via social media, business-cards, email signatures and so on.

Leave business-cards at any chance you get

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When you meet new people, visit clients, talk to friends and family and visit various offices – make sure to leave your business card. It’s a great way of promoting yourself. When someones looking to have services done, maybe they’ll remember you when they see that business-card in their drawer!

Have a good portfolio

A good portfolio can sell your work really well. It’s a great chance to show existing and potential clients the versatility of your work. Never underestimate it. For some tips, check out our great portfolio article: Making A Great Portfolio – Best Tips and Tutorials

Don’t judge a book by its cover

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You shouldn’t leave any opportunities untried when talking about getting new clients. Trying to dive into a new market can prove very successful even though you didn’t think that the companies in that part of the market would be interested. Doing the mistake of thinking that certain companies aren’t interested in what you have to offer can be crucial.

Engaging friends and family

Think of all the people you know. Every single one of those people know a lot of people too. There can be many potential clients for you out there amongst friends or family members. I once had a huge project coming from the husband of an old school friend. During a conversation with here where I talked about my company, she got really interested. Two days after I had a month of work ordered from her husband. And there are many cases just like that. Make sure that everyone you know know what you’re doing! This way they can be great ambassadors for your work. And it’s all free!

Don’t give up

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Never allow yourself to give up. Just keep going. One day you can be close to broke, then one big client can bring you thousands of dollars in potential project only hours later.


Never give up. Think of all the possibilities instead of what’s limiting you. Get your name out there, tell people about what you do and have a portfolio, a website and business-cards that help you market yourself.
Good luck! 🙂

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