Hand Drawn Style in Web Design – 40 Excellent Examples

February 2nd, 2011 Posted in Graphics, Inspiration, Web Design

We have various trends in web design that come and go over the years. Something that has seemed to be a classic is the use of hand drawn designs and illustration orientated designs. These seem to never really go out of the trend. Maybe it’s because they can be hard to get right and master? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we’ve put together some really cool examples for you this time. This all have some element of the hand drawn look in them to have them stand out a bit. Some are actually hand drawn to a degree, while others use fonts that have them look hand written. We think these look great and hope they can inspire you in your own work.


A million things to do

Kinetic Singapore

Adam Amaral

Alison Carmichael


Jessica Allan

Frank PR

Think Brownstone



Look designs

Wing Cheng

Diego Salas

Harry Ford




Kutztown University

Cheer up! Clothing

Kyle Steed


The Digital Invaders

Food Curated


Robbin and Waldemar

Coo-Coo Core

Vincent Mazza

Yannik Flossy


Legwork studio

Fat Heads creative studio


St. Francis is happy in Greenville


Booma web design

Jason Gray

Dann Whittaker

Giant Ant Media

Marie Catribs

Deborah Cavenaugh

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