25 Excellent Websites for Premium WordPress Themes

November 12th, 2010 Posted in Various, Web Design, wordpress themes

Using free WordPress themes can be a great way of getting good themes without having to spend a lot of money. The fact is though, that in many cases getting a premium/paid theme can save you a lot of trouble. These often have more options, they look better, there’s support, you’re getting a theme that can’t be seen “everywhere” and more. This is why we’ve decided to make a list for you, containing 25 of the best websites to look for a paid theme.

If you know of other good websites that should be mentioned, please leave us a comment.





Elegant themes



Obox design

Pro theme design

Graph Paper Press

Organic themes

Theme Trust




The theme foundry






Viva themes

Giant themes



Neato themes

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5 Responses to “25 Excellent Websites for Premium WordPress Themes”

  1. Kira Says:

    Thank you sooo much!
    Are there any recommendations…Elegant Themes has some pretty nice looking themes, is it worth?
    I have a WooThemes Account, also nice!

  2. Bronson Says:

    An awesome roundup of some super cool places for WP themes. I’m happy to say that there are a few in this list that are new to me, but look extremely promising.

    The quality of these Premium Themes, for the most part, are insane – it’s easier than ever to find the right design for your blog or cms than ever before.

  3. Blackberry App Development Says:

    Agree these websites provide the best themes. I prefer Woo Themes for buying Premium WordPress themes for the good support they provide.

  4. Crazy Signs Says:

    I use themes from Themify and ThemeForest, very happy with both. There are a few I haven’t come across so thanks for the post.

  5. Alex Says:

    Hey Hilde,

    instead of using just a Premium Theme, where you are limited to one layout unless you change the code, I would recommend to use a WordPress Framework.

    We just released the WordPress Framework Xtreme One with the complete flexibility to create your layout with just some clicks and drag and drop, no coding required.

    It saves you tremendous time in coding and you can focus on your design and functionality.

    It also includes many features, like 12 unique widgets, including 6 different sliders. More details and a complete list the features can be found on


    I hope you and your readers enjoy Xtreme One!

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