Awesome Freebies: 20 Clever and Useful Illustrator Symbol Sets

October 25th, 2010 Posted in Freebies, Graphics, Resources, Various

We’ve earlier given you some great and handy collections of different brushes, patterns, actions and other Photoshop-related freebies. This time we’ve found some very useful Illustrator symbols for you. These can save you a lot of time in your designs. If you’re working on personal projects, logo designs or illustrations, there’s a good chance that you use symbols at some point.

Remember that Illustrator symbols can be taken over to Photoshop and saved as custom shapes if wanted. The same way you can also make your own Illustrator symbols from Photoshop custom shapes.

Here are 20 Illustrator symbol sets, with a total of hundreds of symbols that we hope will be useful to you.



14 glossy boxes

12 glossy buttons

60 glass effects- tutorial and symbol pack


Hippy flowers


The flower tree


Autos top view

Nuts n bolts

Smiley face symbols

40 weather symbols



Textile care symbols

19 swirly curls

Circles and drips

Credit cards etc

Glassy button symbols

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