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Tired of walking the hard path with your internet marketing?

Do you want better results, higher rankings, more earnings while spending less time trying to get there?  We are happy to share with you valuable information that could completely change how you do your internet marking.  Interested? Keep reading, you won’t regret it!

What we’d like to share with you, is our review of what one of the best (definitely the best out of what we have tried) SEO keyword analysis tools out there, – Market Samurai.

Many SEO experts have remained extremely excited about this software ever since the program launched and so are we!

Market Samurai is without doubt one of the most advanced keyword research tools available. It digs up in-depth results from the major search engines like no other tool out there. The program has a very unique mechanism that gives you not only keyword terms, but the level of competition, specific competitor sites to analyze and potential niches to go into. On top of this there’s a monetize module in the tool that helps you to earn money through affiliate sales from your Market Samurai keywords.

Keyword research can be very time-consuming work, and no matter how good you are at it, there’s always a lot of guessing and luck involved; this could be referred to as the “SEO-intuition”. Keyword suggestions from Google can be good, but nowhere near as specific and focused as those of Market Samurai; not only that but Market Samurai is easy to use. All you have to do is insert your desired keyword or niche and begin the program to generate highly-focused keywords and information.

The tool provides lots of keywords for you, and the list can be easily altered to fit your liking. If that wasn’t enough, the program gives you information related to every single keyword in your list! For example; number of daily searches on that word (Google), search trends for the keyword on Google, competition ads on AdWords, SEO Value and much more.

These things can be extremely powerful in helping you succeed. As you probably know, one of the reasons it is so difficult to succeed is that most keywords are either overcrowded by competition or too much time is spent on keywords that get low search volume. This tool can immediately help you and make sure you don’t make those mistakes!

Market Samurai has the power of extracting valuable keywords for you, which will allow you to immediately see which of the keywords have huge potential. Most importantly, it can help you discover successful keywords that have either been missed by the competition or under-valued by other SEOs- giving you valuable hits and all the possibilities that offers.

Finally there’s a tool out there that can serve anyone, not only those who are SEO-experts. You can pick up High-Traffic, High-Profit and Low-Competition Keywords easier than ever possible – with less work than before.

Imagine all the time you get freed to work on other aspects of your business with Market Samurai doing what was once such a time-consuming part of your schedule. And the tool does the work better than you can do it yourself.

The tool tells you:

  • Which markets you should target/which ones to avoid
  • Keywords to focus on (and which ones not to)
  • Topics and material to discover and include with your niche
  • Where to find the best backlinks
  • Who your competition is

and a whole lot more.

Look at this list, here are the 8 modules in which Market Samurai can offer you great help in your online marketing:

  1. 1. Keyword research
  2. 2. SEO competition
  3. 3. Finding content
  4. 4. Promotion (link-building)
  5. 5. Publish content (you can publish directly from the tool)
  6. 6. Monetization
  7. 7. Help with AdWords
  8. 8. Find Content/Publish Content

All of these are included for everyone, and yet another great thing is that there aren’t any monthly or annual fees. The program has a one-time fee, and you can keep earning from using it for years and years to come. We should probably tell you some reasons to why you shouldn’t be interested in it, but that’s quite hard to be honest.

The one-time fee compared to the number of hours you usually spend doing this work yourself speaks for itself. If you can afford spending valuable time optimizing keywords on your own, you can afford getting Market Samurai, at least that’s our opinion. We use Market Samurai on a daily basis and perhaps you can to; try it today.  It was worth it for us.

Market Samurai Bonus

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting features of Market Samurai: Market Samurai will actually find content related to your keyword to use for promotional efforts. That’s right, find articles, related content and blog posts related to your specific keyword. The program will even allow you to publish content on the web, linking back to your site. Check it out!

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