Get Inspired: 20 Humorous Pieces of Art

June 21st, 2010 Posted in Inspiration

As we have heard many times, laughter can be the best medicine. And a new one I heard was: Laughter clears the mind. So – this time around I’ve collected some funny pieces of digital art that can be of inspiration. If you have a rough day, a dry period with work or just want to smile – this post is for you! 🙂

Aliens and Indians by ~KomodoEmpire

Rock’N’Roll, baby by ~gre3g

Help me by =LimpidD

Optimal solution by *meppol

Parking ticket by *Loopydave

Half Minute Horrors by ~Sleepar

Quiet as a mouse by *Loopydave

Giraffraf  by *Tooshtoosh

Baby Dragon – Tabasco by ~jwohland

King Corn by ~KomodoEmpire

Zenduck details by *Loopydave

Ameristop Humor by ~RainbowPickle

Watch for the dog by ~pegasoft

I’m A Rabbit by *Skia

Point99 by *Lora8

Giddyup  by *Loopydave

When Hippos Fly by ~Yaroslav

Love by ~wormhappy1plz

Just followin duh map by ~MarcoBucci

Escape from Destiny…color… by ~soheilghotbi

I hope these pieces could make you smile a bit and maybe get a bit inspired too! Thanks for reading 🙂

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5 Responses to “Get Inspired: 20 Humorous Pieces of Art”

  1. Agli Says:

    Hilarious. Still, it bothers me how the one with the dog is Shopped.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Some are cute, others funny. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Christian Louboutin Says:

    waw!Great!So creative!

  4. Maitreya Says:


  5. The Visions of Kai Says:

    The capacity of human mind is unimaginable.
    Creativeness is what keeps this world moving.

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