Get Inspired: 40 Colorful 3d Artworks that will Take Your Breath Away

May 19th, 2010 Posted in Graphics, Inspiration

Finding inspiration can sometimes be hard for a designer. Some of us get inspired by photos, others by poems, music or looking at other peoples art.

This time I’ve made a collection of some very beautiful pieces of digital art for your inspiration. What they have in common is that they’re colorful and have a 3d feeling about them. Click on the pictures to visit the original higher-res versions. I hope you find these as beautiful, refreshing and inspiring as I have 🙂

1. Colorpicker-b by *iuneWind

2. NullFlow by ~Jesar

3. 2nd Chromaticland by =k3-studio

4. vivid by *tonare

5. The A Construction by ~Sha-X-doW

6. Harvest by =k3-studio

7. Summer cocktail 3 by *iuneWind

8. EveryWhere by ~Sha-X-doW

9. Field of arts by *iuneWind

10. vektorjakcity by ~singpentinkhappy

11. Chromatic fruits by =k3-studio

12. Pump It Harder by =BOBBb12345

13. Colorama by ~yofikus

14. I Daydream in 3d by *Skokie

15. Dont expect me to die for you by ~soad2K

16. OH6DISCO by ~1ALPHA1

17. Tangy by *tonare

18. Shapes on a Wall by ~cranial-bore

19. Vectorism Volume 7 by ~cranial-bore

20. Lollipop by `DivineError

21. The Supercubes by `DivineError

22. Colorful Slides by ~uncubitodehielo88

23. Winter process by *iuneWind

24. Candy Twist by ~Jester-MX

25. Heart abstract by ~egresh

26. Colorul waves by ~egresh

27. Chromatic network by =k3-studio

28. Hero of Colors by Aikuza by ~Aikuza

29. every day life by ~Jesar

30. Color Symphony by =k3-studio

31. Summer cocktail by *iuneWind

32. Simon by `DivineError

33. Brena by ~soad2K

34. 3d-Graffiti-l by ~j3l06

35. amBIT by ~Viviphyd

36. peppered by `emciem

37. Beep by =BOBBb12345

38. LETO by *iuneWind

39. Rhythmics by =k3-studio

40. Insideforms by *tonare

Those were the 40 masterpieces we had for you this time. Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Frank Nemeth Says:

    I.m not sure how you created the images but they are GREAT!!

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