Las Vegas SEO Training Workshops in Las Vegas, June 28- July 2nd

May 13th, 2010 Posted in SEO
Workshops SEO Training From Search Engine Academy; Las Vegas  June 28- July 2nd
* Joe Sugarman Speaks at June Las Vegas SEO Training Workshop
* New Topics
* 2-day Essentials Search Engine Optimization Workshop
* 3-day Advanced Search Engine Optimization Workshop
* 5-day Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Workshop
* SEO Certification
SEO Training SW offers 2, 3 and 5-day SEO training courses. The 2-day Essentials SEO training course offers students strategies and tactics to get your website ranked appropriately and quickly.
The 3-day Advanced SEO training program gives you additional strategies and tactics employed by top SEM agencies nationwide. Finally the 5-day Comprehensive SEO training program offers you everything you need to know to get your website listed in the search engines and most importantly, market your website successfully to your visitors once they arrive.

Special Guest at our June Las Vegas Workshop: Joe Sugarman
Listen and learn from a legendary advertising and marketing legend! Joe Sugarman, builder of the BluBlocker Sunglasses empire, will be our special guest during the June SEO Training Workshop. He’ll share some of his most valuable secrets with you, so you can apply them to your online success!
During a recent SEO Workshop in Phoenix, Joe spoke to the students who attended our five day workshop and presented his talk that normally pays him thousands of dollars per appearance.
Hear from the most famous advertising copywriter himself and the author of the best selling classic “Triggers.” Joe will explain what the most important item is in your website copy is, how to create the slippery slide of customers and how to embed psychological triggers in your copy. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!
New Topics for 2010!
New – – One of “Radar” Roy’s most popular classes has been updated for 2010: How to optimize your Google Local Search account(s) for your companies website(s). Roy will walk you through how he creates and optimizes his clients’ and his own local search listings. Learn why video, coupons, and citations are of such high importance in ranking in the local search results and how to optimize your images, videos and campaign for high traffic and conversions.
Prior students who have attended Roy’s one week training class have commented that this single two hour segment on local search was worth the entire tuition of the one week workshop in that it enabled them to immediately start creating their own local search consulting business.
New – – YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and is also owned by Google. Do you know how to optimize your videos for SEO and get them on the Search Engine Results Pages of Google? Way back in 1999, Roy had one of the first e-commerce websites that utilized the power of video to create a tribe of loyal followers. Roy will provide you with the skills you need to create your own videos using a low cost video camera, how to use video editing software and how to optimize your videos so they show up in Google’s Universal search listings.
New – Keyword Research and SEO Tools – Once you take this segment of our Workshop, you will understand why Roy says: ; “Looking at Google with a fresh pair of ‘Google Eyes,’ you will learn everything you need to know on how to properly market your website and identify your keywords for organic and PPC. Plus, you’ll learn how to optimize your written copy to utilize “Natural Language Processing.”
You will be walked through tips and tricks utilizing Google’s Keyword Tool, the Wonder Wheel, Google Insight for Search. You will also learn how to use other subscription paid keyword tools including Market Samurai, Word Tracker and SpyFu.

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