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Photo blogs are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great tool for anyone who loves photography. A Photo blog allows you to share your photos with your friends, family and the world. Today we are going to showcase some free and premium photography blog themes as well as go over the steps for creating your very own photo blog. We will start with the steps to create your own photoblog.

1. Install WordPress

For those that don’t know,  WordPress is what many consider to be the best blogging platform out there. To set up your new photoblog, you will need to download and install WordPress. If you need help installing WordPress, and getting your blog set up, Free Blog Install will install your blog for free.

2. Ch0ose a Theme

The next step after you install WordPress is finding a cool theme. There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes for blogging – but when it comes to photo blogging, there are only a few themes to select from. We will now showcase for you free and premium WordPress themes that you can chose from in creating your own photography blog. The first 4 themes are examples of photography blogs that have already been created. Next, we display free WordPress themes that you can use to create your own photoblog.

Photo Blogs for Inspiration





for more please visit : 21 Awesome Photo Blog Designs for Inspiration

8 Free WordPress Photo Blog Themes

1.  PhotoView



2.  SnapShot



3.  Grace – PhotoBlog Theme



4.  WP Foto Theme



5.  Black – Photography WordPress Theme



6.  Zack-990



7.  Viewport



8.  Work-a-holic



5 Premium Photo Blog WordPress Themes

Although free WordPress Themes are great, I recommend that you take a look at the following premium photoblog WordPress themes. Premium themes provide unique features that are not available with free themes. Take a look at these premium themes, and follow the links to purchase them.

1. Elegant Themes -ePhoto



2. WooThemes -Object



3. WooThemes -Exposure



4. Premium Themes Inspired Bits



5. WPZoom Photo Blog Theme



3. Worpress Photo Blog Plugins

Once you have have selected your theme, there are a few plugins you can install that go great with photo gallery blogs. Here they are:

NextGen Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.

Live Example:


WP Cycle

The WP-Cycle plugin allows you to upload images from your computer, which will then be used to generate a jQuery Cycle Plugin slideshow of the images. Also has the feature to give a URL to each image which, when the image is active in the slideshow, will be used as and anchor wrapper around the image.
For a demonstration of how this plugin looks in action, please check out the homepage at ModThemes.com.

Flash Photo Gallery

A WordPress plugin which creates a Flash Photo Gallery like one provided in Adobe Photoshop CS2 Flash Web Photo Gallery template. Have a look at the Demo photo gallery here. http://webdlabs.com/projects/flash-photo-gallery/

Post Videos and Photo Galleries

One professional plugin handles all your multimedia needs – Add Image Galleries, Add Slideshows, Add Videos, Add Music Playlists, Add Podcasts, Add Menus and more..

Yet Another Photo Blog Plugin

Yet another Photo Blog pugin which A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts wordpress into a easy useable photoblog system.


Once you are done with these steps, you will be all set up with your very own photography blog. If you find all of this confusing, and would like help setting up your photography blog, freebloginstallwill do it for you for free.

Photo WordPress Themes

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  1. John Says:

    I think you missed a couple good photoblog themes:

    Reflection by David Moxey http://xyloid.org/2008/03/09/reflection-photoblog-theme/

    and Reflection Mod by Sudeep Mandal http://www.sudeepmandal.com/projects/reflection-mod-photoblog-theme-wordpress/

    Those are both excellent wordpress photoblog themes, and they’re free!

  2. admin Says:

    @John, Thanks for the comment but I think you haven’t gone through the article.. The free list includes a list of 8 Free Photo Blog Themes which are some new ones and not been covered there in our last round-up. (http://www.reencoded.com/2009/04/05/26-free-wordpress-photo-gallery-themes/)

    Reflection is already mentioned there in last round-up and yes I have missed Reflection Mod by Sudeep Mandal.. Thanks for including it in comment..

  3. chews-4-health Says:

    Very good work you have done here i would like to read more post by the admin thanks.

  4. hobbyfotograf andy Says:

    Hey vielen Dank für die Arbeit, ich bin gerade auf der Suche nach verschieden Themes für meinen Photoblog : )

  5. Sam Says:

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing. But unfortunately I haven’t found what I am looking for. I have been digging around for quite some time, I am looking a photo gallery/blog, wherein initially every image is shown in thumbnail and then when you click on it a new page opens with a large image and has a next button, for navigating to next or previous image. I hope I get that soon!!

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