5 Quick and Handy CSS Resources

July 14th, 2009 Posted in CSS

CSS-related websites are always handy. They always provide either inspiration, reference, or something you didn’t even know you needed for when you hit a wall of technicalities while designing. As you first discover CSS, you may find it a natural progression upward from HTML4, or you may find the leaning curve too steep. One way or another, these sites will help you. And once you’ve got your footing, you may even find yourself going further than you expected. Click on the images to be taken to the websites.

This CSS Dock Menu, using CSS and jQuery, emulates the look of a Mac OSX dock. Used in a simple environment, it could be very effective.

This CSS Shorthand Guide helps you trim your CSS. Shorthand in CSS can even speed up site load times. I found a few others that may be of preference.

Mycelly.com‘s Nice and Free CSS Templates provides a varied set of simple layouts with code for each of them laid out visually.

Glish.com links to many CSS layout resources of its own and others.

RoundedCornr isn’t so much a CSS resource as it is a CSS alternative. If you don’t have quick or easy access to modern programs, and if you don’t want to implement CSS’s recent “border-radius” property (for fear your audience may not be using modern browsers that support it), you can have this site generate rounded corner box images of any size and any border radius. The corners can be transparent or colored.

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