24 Places to find Cool Free Twitter Backgrounds

May 27th, 2009 Posted in Various

Twitter  in my opinion, is the most powerful social networking site. Active participation and a cool Twitter page can help you gain more followers. A unique background will help you stand out from the crowd, impress your visitors, and enhance your brand. There are a variety of places that offer free Twitter backgrounds.

Here are  24 Places to find Cool Free Twitter Backgrounds, I hope you find them useful.

10 Tasty Twitter Backgrounds


Awesome Backgrounds for Twitter








Limeshot Twitter Backgrounds


Tweet Style

Handpicked Twitter Backgrounds



Twitter Background Images



Flickr Twitter Backs





Have I missed something, please mention in comments.

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19 Responses to “24 Places to find Cool Free Twitter Backgrounds”

  1. web2000 Says:

    Nice list.. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

  2. SmugBaldy Says:

    Great list. Making backgrounds isn’t that hard, but I’m sure lots of peeps don’t want to be bothered with it.

  3. Steve Moon Says:

    Great list ! Thank you !

    There are also a few free cool backgrounds at http://www.fingerprintphotography.co.uk/twitter.htm

    If you like Frogs, Deperate Dan (UK), wierd beach bugs or Welsh scenery.

    Best wishes, @SteveMoonUK on Twitter

  4. Robyn Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this great list of resources! I had no idea there were this many sites out there.

  5. Tweetplate Says:

    Don’t forget Tweetplate! Got over 50 free designs on the site. 🙂

  6. Roemt Says:

    we are still waiting for http://twitterbackgroundz.com Heyyoo

  7. harish Says:

    Hi all the background images are really cool ,thanks for posting all of them at a same place .cheers

  8. Dilip Says:

    connecting peopleThank you for providing such helpful information…please keep it up! This is excellent “keep moving” inspiration & support! Incredibly valuable info for people like me who has the idea.

  9. Twitter Layouts Says:

    We’ve added a few backgrounds in the past week. v2 will have a feature for designer to upload their own set of backgrounds and make those available through our one click process. Check us out at http://www.layoutwiz.com

  10. wheelkey Says:

    thanks folks for the amazing backgrounds that you allowed to shaRE


  11. mazyoyo Says:

    thanks for share brother,great resources..

  12. kerja keras Says:

    great list, thanks its very helpful.

  13. backbroundbling Says:

    Awesome list… thanks for publishing!

    Can you add http://backgroundbling.com to this list if possible. Many free custom Twitter background in multiple sizes!

  14. Social Media Consultant Says:

    Schweet! Gonna comb over these and find one I like and customize for my Twitter BG. Thanks for organizing. 😀

  15. David Masterson Says:

    Great post! Always looking for new ways to design my Twitter page.


  16. Belinda Says:

    Thanks for posting this , It was just what I was looking for & all in one place 😎 Now I can “pimp ” my Twitter page !
    @BlondeBelinda on Twitter

  17. Lil' Peekr Says:

    Great list of resources, how did I not see this sooner? Great blog BTW!

  18. Beauchamp Web design Says:

    These are all brilliant, really useful for inspiration

  19. plombier Says:

    Very good article. Beware of appearances, but I found this article excellent. This site is a real source of useful information. Thank you very much for the work provided. I hope you will continue long

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