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April 7th, 2009 Posted in Various

I started submitting some of our content to other web design sites to see if it was an effective way to generate traffic. I am not talking about sites such as designbump, where users vote on the best content, but sites that are typically design blogs with user submitted content streaming on the sidebar. The problem with sites like designbump, is that in order to receive a significant amount of traffic, you really need to become involved with community. For example, if you join Digg and only submit content for your own blog, you aren’t going to get very far. Your blog’s articles might receive a few Diggs, but your material stands little chance of making it to the front page, and people will often view you as a spammer. On the other hand, if you are an active member of the Digg community, with 15,000 fans such as the top user Mrbabyman, the chance of one of your articles making it to the front page greatly increases. If you don’t want to commit to becoming an active member of a community, but are still looking to generate traffic, I would suggest submitting your content to web design sites that allow you to submit content, but that are less community based without a voting system. On these types of sites you can submit your own material without the risk of looking like a spammer. We submitted articles to a few sites and six of them provided a substantial amount of traffic. Here are the six sites in order of traffic received, as well as other information about the quality of traffic sent.

1) Source: Scriptandstyle.com

Traffic Sent: 1,070

Time on site: 00:02:14

2) Source: noupe.com

Traffic Sent: 909

Time on site: 00:02:01

3) Source: cssglobe.com

Traffic Sent: 855

Time on site: 00:00:46

4) Source: cssdrive.com

Traffic Sent: 726

Time on site: 00:01:15

5) Source: design-newz.com

Traffic Sent: 641

Time on site: 00:00:51

6) Source: psd.tutsplus.com

Traffic Sent: 632

Time on site: 00:01:52

Of the sites listed, four are web design blogs that produce their own content but allow users to submit content as well. Two of the sites, Scriptandstyle.com and design-newz.com, do not create their own content and are completely made up of user submitted links. I was impressed that these sites sent a combined 4,833 visitors to reencoded. On top of that, the quality of traffic wasn’t bad either. Unless you’re a power user on Digg, it is much easier to generate traffic from these types of sites than from Digg or Reddit.

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15 Responses to “Web Design Blogs That Generate Free Traffic For Your Site”

  1. T-Law Says:

    Can I submit there for free?
    Anyway useful list, thanks.

  2. admin Says:

    Submit where?

  3. Geoff Says:

    Very interesting, and the figures look good on the amount of traffic brought back to this site, I would assume you have noticed an increase in not just site traffic but also time spent on site when compared to the past?

    One question however, have you noticed an increase on conversions on your advertisements since doing this? if so can you quantify by how much? is there a ratio increase due to the new visitors?

    Look forward to your reply.

  4. Danh ba web 2.0 Says:

    Great list. Thanks you very much

  5. admin Says:

    Hey Geoff,
    To answer your question, we receive about 3,000 visitors a day so although the 4,000 new visitors from those sites were a large source of traffic, it was spread out and so I did not notice whether those specific visitors caused an increase in clicks or not.

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