26 Free WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

April 5th, 2009 Posted in wordpress themes

There are thousands of Free WordPress themes and a number of great showcases on the best free wordpress themes, but it is still can be difficult to find the right wordpress theme for you photo blog. Here is a list of 26 Free WordPress Photo Gallery Themes. I hope it will be useful for all the photo bloggers out there. Enjoy!

1) ShutterThemes Free Photo Gallery Theme

Demo | Download

2) Monotone

Demo | Download

3) AutoFocus

Demo | Download

4) Unstandard

Demo | Download

5) Grain Theme

Demo | Download

6) CSS Gallery Theme

Demo | Download

7) Nishita

Demo | Download

8) Photo WP

Demo | Download

9) Polaroid

Demo | Download

10) BOB Photo Blog

Demo | Download

11) Video, Game and Photo Blog Theme

Demo | Download

12) Sharpfolio

Demo | Download

13) iQ2 WordPress Photo Blog Theme

Demo | Download

14) Ascari

Demo | Download

15 ) Bueltge Photo Blog Theme

Demo | Download

16) Nautilus

Demo | Download

17) Ocular Professor

Demo | Download

18) WP Pix

Demo | Download

19) Reflection

Demo | Download

20) Photo Blog Free WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

21) Going Pro – Gallery

Demo | Download

22) Photopress Theme

Demo | Download

23) Fotofolio

Demo | Download

24) Fotolog Theme

Demo | Download

25) Monolit

Demo | Download

26) Cancerbox’s Horizon

Demo | Download

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  1. Danh ba web 2.0 Says:

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  4. Frank Says:

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  6. admin Says:

    Awesome. Is http://xemanhdep.com/ the url for your site?

  7. chicago web design Says:

    Great photo blog collection!

  8. Soren from Vacation tips Says:

    Hi Anders and Mark,
    This is a very fine and useful list of WP themes for photographers and others wanting pictures online with blogs. I was searching for the download url for the new Fotofolio theme and found that with all the other options here, so thanks for that. As the SEO ability seems to be the general week point of most photo blogs, I hope the Fotofolio theme will be able to deliver better performance with some extra plug-ins, and besides that I think the Fotofolio wp theme is one of the most elegant solutions to display your selected photos.
    I will mention your list and url to my 2.000 subscribers of my ezine http://www.stockphotonews.com/
    Soren Breiting

  9. mink Says:

    Nice Themes..

  10. MIke M Says:

    The Cancerbox theme is not a WP theme. It appears to be used for Pixelpost back end. http://www.pixelpost.org

  11. godamdia Says:

    houup its really great artwork… :D

  12. mssmotorrd Says:

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  13. Joe Ellis Says:

    If it’s not too spammy, I’d like to make a note that I have also recently released a free photoblog that uses the YAPB (Yet Another Photoblog) plugin. Feel free to check it out here:



  14. Jeevan Says:

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    I like the 20) Photo Blog Free WordPress Theme so much and gonna use it :)

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  19. bob Says:

    when will theme developers realise people want a gallery AND a blog – how many of these themes have both? None of them.

  20. Pepi Says:

    Amazing themes. I will definately use one of them in my future photography blog…

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  22. ThemeSage.com Says:

    The AutoFocus theme is a really cool example of a great and unique theme for photography and really what’s possible with WordPress.

  23. Lynn Weaver Says:

    I am glad you mention AutoFocus. Not only is it beautiful, it is flat-out awesome–easy to use right out of the box, but also intelligently designed and therefore customizable. Designer Allan Cole is very thoughtful about feedback and questions, too.

    By the way, Horizon does not appear to be a WordPress theme at all.

  24. FourPx Rathnaraj Says:

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    These look great. I love Autofocus. Actually, I like a lot of these. I’m amazed at how far WordPress has come as a platform for photography websites.

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    Great selection for galleries powered by WP. Any chance of a post recommending the best Gallery Plugin for us with our own custom themes?

  33. Paarth Says:

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  35. Erick @ Photocrati WordPress Themes Says:

    Hey there,
    Nice post. As photographer and someone involved in the WordPress community, it’s great to see the explosion of WordPress options for photographers. This is a nice collection of some of the great themes out there. Keep up the good work.

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    Excuse me but the last theme “Horizon” isn’t for WordPress I guess.

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    I am trying to use the theme Fotofolio but I cannot add Meta and also my photos are not visible in the section “latest addition”, there are some “X’s” instead. Can you please help me?

    Thank you!

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    These themes are amazing. The only thing about certain themes is some of them have bad upload times because of the images. I wish there was more of a use of AJAX and loading icons so that the downloading looks more seemless for WordPress themes in the future.

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    Can anyone help me out please? Thank you!

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  106. Thomas Says:

    Hey, this is a great list.

    I only saw that you missed one I thought should be added.

    Snapshot by Woo Themes is GREAT with a very functional back end.

    You can see this theme in action at http://PopWP.com

    Or the Gallery theme by Chris Wallace for Smashing Magazine, which you can see at http://InfoPosters.com

  107. Curt Says:

    These are all really nice themes!

    I currently use #19 – Reflection as my WordPress theme. It’s simple to setup and easy to maintain. The YAPB plugin for posting photos integrates photos seamlessly. It includes drop down links for your blog entry, comments, categories and EXIF data. Sidebars are optional but can be setup, I have one setup. The theme is compatible up through WP 3.0.1 (current version at this time)

    See it live at http://www.curtfleenor.com.

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