29 Web Design Blogs You Must Follow

March 23rd, 2009 Posted in Inspiration

Looking for new Ideas and inspiration in the design industry? Here is a list of the 29 best web design blogs to subscribe to. The web design industry is always changing, so as a web designer, it is important to always be ahead of the curve. These blogs are always coming up with cutting edge new ideas and providing free tools for web designers such as wordpress themes, templates and icon designs. Follow them on RSS or check them out on Twitter. Enjoy!


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Blog SpoonGraphics

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Hope you liked the list. If I missed something, put in comments.

Edit: Also make sure to check out http://psdvibe.com. Let me know in the comments if I missed anymore!

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163 Responses to “29 Web Design Blogs You Must Follow”

  1. Alex | CrazyLeaf Design Blog Says:

    Thanks for including CrazyLeaf Design Blog in such a great list. We really appreciate it.

  2. admin Says:

    No problem. Keep up the good work.

  3. Matthew Heidenreich Says:

    great list! Some of those I have not seen before. Hopefully i can make this list sometime :)

  4. admin Says:

    added your site!

  5. Naldz Graphics Says:

    nice list:)thanks for the include :)

  6. admin Says:

    No problem, great site.

  7. Umut Muhaddisoglu Says:

    Thanks very much for including WebResourcesDepot.

    I’m a follower of [Re]encoded as well. Cheers.

  8. Magnus Bonnevier Says:

    Seems the last link to Reencode starts with “hyyp” when it should ofcourse start with “http” :)

    Made Firefox a little confused :)

    Otherwise nice post :)


  9. Anthony Alexander Says:

    Hmmm… by the time you make it to #5 you’ll see the same content twice.. but I guess that’s the game these days

  10. admin Says:

    Thanx Magnus Bonnevier.. Link fixed

  11. Timothy Says:

    Nice list. Some good stuff.

  12. mike Says:

    great list!
    this is a new favourite of mine http://inspiredm.com

  13. Caleb Says:

    Every blog that I wanted mentioned was mentioned–great job! Also, everyone really needs to check out tutorial9.net. Such a fantastically designed site that’s constantly updated with great finds. Check it out, for sure…

  14. Franz Jeitz Says:

    This is an incredible list and I feel honoured to be amongst it. Thanks for featuring my site!

  15. James Mann Says:

    Having been making and developing web sites for a while now, i am more than satisfied that functionality for the users of the sites, goes way over the needs for making a ‘pretty picture’. Dont get me wrong, a well designed web site can make for a well designed means of navigating through it, but when i see these flash web sites with all these bells and whistles, i often dont know where to start with it, there are usually so many things going on a once, its is hard to know where to start. Does anyone else find this a problem? Let me know if you do.


  16. Noris Says:

    Hell… How can you forgot to include great resource blog like http://www.instantShift.com

  17. admin Says:

    I agree, flash sites can be very distracting. We did forget instantshift.com. Everyone, don’t forget to also subscribe to instantshift.com!

  18. web design preston Says:

    Great list some of these I’ve not seen before. My only complaint is I was clicking the image to visit the website but all it showed was the .jpg. I then when through the RSS feed link. Didn’t realise that the title was the link. Sorry for being a little fussy! Great article nearly all bookmarked.

  19. lee martin pearl Says:

    the dark art picture one looks pretty cool.

  20. chicago web design Says:

    The thing I enjoy most about this post is you guys actually took the time to include separate links for the rss feeds and twitter, awesome.


  21. jason Says:

    You missed the mark, in my opinion. The majority of these must follow sites do nothing except for provide link bait articles, like this one. They simply take other people’s content, and publish links to it. Vandelay Design for example, nothing but link bait articles, and if you look at the portfolio, you’ll see a lot of not-so-good work. The tuts sites are great, psdtuts, nettuts, vectortuts, etc. I just think people shouldn’t be recognized and rewarded with traffic, and therefore advertising revenue, for their ability to find other people’s hard work.

    The sites that should be mentioned, are the ones actually publishing the content that gets linked to from the link bait sites.

    *The views above are only mine – they obviously do not reflect the views of the majority of people

  22. Ray Says:

    I think you have missed “WebAppers”


  23. Drupal Services Says:

    i was searching about this since last 30 minutes on google

    really helpful post .. thanks for sharing.

  24. Outsource Flash Says:

    Thanks a lot for this collection…i have started following on most of them and I found the experience quite learning one…am looking forward to other genuine blogs concerning web and flash design…

  25. Олег Says:


  26. Justin Says:

    Whoa… this site is pretty awesome :) your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. :-P

  27. Дмитрий Says:


  28. website design preston Says:

    grest info thanks

  29. KPOBuddy Says:

    Nice list. I have your blog on my Top 100 Nice blog list too. Check it out.


  30. jelliza Says:

    Thanks a lot for this collection,really i was searching for this collection.thanks for help me…awesome….

  31. SEO Services Neveda Says:

    Great collection.Thanks for sharing

  32. Title Web Solutions Says:

    Excellent Web Design Blogs. Thank you, i will certainly return to check on the latests posts

  33. web templates Says:

    That a really great collection of web designs. Thanks really.

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  35. baton rouge web design Says:

    I do like the web collection here. I liked to go on every link of this webpage and have spend around a hour. Great job done.

  36. website design Says:

    Thanks for the article. Webdesigner depot is my new favourite.

  37. Programming Tutorials Says:

    Thank you for this. I love abduzeedo now.

  38. Zoomla Developer Says:

    Really loving and beautiful designs. I will try to design new website like them.

  39. CSS Showcase @CSSMadness.com Says:

    Great list mate, I already follow most of them.

  40. web design chennai Says:

    This is a great list that i have found here now

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    Very useful list. thanks.

  42. Bars in Dubai Says:

    Awesome stuff. You made a really nice compilation. Thanks!

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    thanks for this. very useful :)

  44. Chris Says:

    Wow, this is a great list! They all have so many good posts, it will take me till christmas to read them :)

  45. contractor web design Says:

    A very intensive list, I’ve been looking for those kinds of blogs and I’m really grateful you have compiled this list.

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    This is a nice list of web design blogs. I found a couple I havent heard about before. Thank you for such a nice list

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    Awesome post – have got some great ideas from some of the sites!!!

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    Thanks for the great list. I just created account on twitter @decentweblog and now going to follow all these designers you listed :)

  52. The Pro Designer Says:

    Awesome list and I really like your blog… I hadn’t actually heard of a couple of these sites so it was good to find some new references…

  53. website Design Services Says:

    A very useful list that will surely help many designers out there. If you are running low on inspiration or good ideas to put to test, just check out a few of the blogs listed here.

  54. Freelance Web Designer Says:

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  56. Web Print Brand Says:

    These blogs seem to be the general consesus for top web design blogs. I’ve come across these several times in other posts.

    There were a couple ones I haven’t seen that seem to be pretty resourceful like Fudge Graphics and Re[encoded].

    Good post! I will be checking back.

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  62. Web Design from Lyons Solutions Says:

    I am not sure if it’s allowed to add hyperlinks, but there is definitely more than 29 “Must Follows Blogs” around ;).

    By the way, mines not one of them! lol

  63. Makexhtml Says:

    HI all..thanks for the tutorials.
    New ideas are always appreciated.

  64. Eric Di Bari Says:

    Great list of blogs. It’s amazing at the kind of support and information you can get for free.

  65. Long Island Web Design Company Says:

    Great resources…thanks for rounding them together

  66. Mark Says:

    Thanks for putting this together, very useful

  67. Web Design & Development Company India Says:

    Great List..

  68. Jay Says:

    Tutorial9 is one of my favorites for sure. Thanks for putting this together. Much appreciated. I would also recommend inspirational galleries like http://cssevo.coma and http://csselite.com !!!

  69. yakultski Says:

    You might want to check http://grafikguru.com also

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  75. preston web design Says:

    the Tutorial9 site is very nice and the other ones are well done also. i shall be keeping track on them

  76. OSCAR Says:

    Cool – the list is really useful!! Cheers
    but i really like TCA inspired http://www.thecssawards.com/blog

  77. Chimera Studios web design Says:

    Superb list! Thanks

  78. Parashu Nepal Says:

    Great collections. Very nice. Keep it up.

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  82. Lendl Says:

    Smashing Magazine and Webdesigner Depot has some great content

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  88. Umang Says:

    Hi, All these designs seem a bit dated now except, tuts, Tutorial9 and DezinerFolio.

    But great blogs to follow. Thanks

  89. Martin Says:

    Thanks for the list. Really great collection of good web design issues.

  90. Web Design Isle of Man Says:

    A great list of design blogs here, some I’ve not seen before. One I would recommend is


    Some very up to date articles with great tutorials, well worth checking out.

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    Download beautiful Free CSS Templates


  92. Nelspruit Web Design Says:

    Its actually very interesting to see how the different “Top” sites get chosen and which ones are chosen by which blog! Do you ever consider foreign designers?

  93. SEO Contentgirl Says:

    I am always seeking new web design blogs and these are a great list of templetes.

  94. Cathy MAson Says:

    Always looking for the best design blogs, great variety here. Thanks.

  95. Aidan Says:

    Can I kindly suggest Onextrapixel? Though we did not make it into this list, we will continue to work!

    Thank you.

  96. Deb Says:

    Great list. I enjoy reading blogs and getting new ideas and inspiration. I’ll check the ones on the list that I never knew about. Thanks !

  97. Danny Dyson Says:

    Just added almost every one of these.. thanks for the post!

  98. Crikey Team Says:

    Really Help Full ….. !

  99. Kannapiran Says:

    You just did miss CSS-Tricks site by Chris Coyer but otherwise a very good Bookmark page to hold with me and refer all in one page

    Thanks for the Compilation

  100. Kevin Says:

    These all seem like they have really similar content. Web design blogs are getting pretty spamtastic…

  101. florida web design Says:

    This is a good list. There are a few really good one’s on it. Thanks!

  102. Luis Clark Says:

    Great templates,very inspiring !thanks for sharing .

  103. Andreas Says:

    Grate templates

  104. best quotation Says:

    Nice design i have applied this design to my blog

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    hey great lists of blogs… i didn’t know about the few blogs on this list.. its helpful in getting new ideas…i follow a few of them regularly… thanks for sharing this


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    good way of design, i like to apply at my blog also

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    Great templates,very inspiring !thanks for sharing. Keep go the good work. Thanx!

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    Thanks for the list, it has been really helpful

  109. Zermic the Frog Says:

    Website design is the ability of creating presentation of content to the end user. The above designs greatly meet the main criteria of website design which is to communicate the contents in an interactive and attractive manner. There are a lot of interesting designs to choose from and various features, like text, images and others are embedded in the website to make it useful and attractive to the users.

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    Good list of the top web design blogs. Agree with PelFusion though that SmashingMagazine should be the top spot now. There are definitely a lot of new web design blogs that have come out since that are good reads. One site that I’ve found that lists a bunch of these and their most recent posts is

  143. Jebel Ali offshore Says:

    It´s a nice list of blogs and how blogs “should” be! They don´t need to have primitive and dull basic design! These designs are really optimistic and I would bet that more people are attracted to post in such blogs than in standard design blogs.

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