Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

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As a Web Designer I know the value of keyboard/mouse shortcut key in every design industry software. Photoshop being the most popular graphic/web design software is used by millions of Designers around the world and these people always look for the help to improve their selves. I think Keyboard Shortcuts can really helps to build up working speed using them in your workflow.

There are huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available in Photoshop but I have complied a list of useful keyboard shortcuts which I think are useful for everyone using Photoshop. The list also includes some shortcuts where combination of mouse is used with keyboard.



List 1

Advanced Photoshop Shortcut
Shortcut Result Explained
Alt + Ctrl + A Select All Slect All Layers in the Document
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy Merged Useful for copying a selected area what you see on screen.
Ctrl + H Hide/Show Guidelines Useful to Hide Guidelines while working with lot of layer with many guidelines for alignment.
Ctrl + A + Any arrow key Selects present Layer makes selection of present selected layer (except text layer)
Ctrl + Mouse click on Layer (layer palette) Makes Layer Selection
Ctrl + Scroll Mouse (up/down) Moves document left or right The shorcut Navigate the document left or right
Ctrl + Shift + > or < Increase Decrease the font size Select text, press Ctrl + Shift + > or < to increase / decrease font size.
Ctrl + Alt + Scroll Mouse Zoom In/Out Zoom In/Out
Double click Zoom tool Zoom to 100% Double click on the Zoom tool will zoom document to 100%.
Tab Toggle Tools Panel Press Tab to toggle tools panel
Shift + Tab Show / Hide Palette Windows Show / Hide your active Palette Windows
Caps lock Precise cursor Caps lock displays tool cursor in precise mode
Ctrl + Tab Switch between document windows Switch between document windows
Select Text – Ctrl + Enter + Enter + Move arrow keys Change font style Easy to select your desired font style from hundreds of fonts available with just arrow keys

List 2

Photoshop Useful Function Keys
Shortcut Result Explained
F5 Show/Hide Brushes palette Press F5 to Show/Hide Brushes palette and Press B to activate the palette
F6 Show/Hide Color palette Show/Hide Color palette
F7 Show/Hide Layers palette Show/Hide Layers palette
F8 Show/Hide Actions palette Show/Hide Actions palette
F12 Revert Revert to Last Saved
Shift + F5 Fill Opens the Fill Box
Shift + F6 Feather Selection Feather Selection
Shift + F7 Inverse Selection Inverse Selection

List 3

Photoshop A to Z Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Result Explained
B Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool To Pick Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool
C Crop Tool To Pick Crop Tool
D Default Color Set Default Foreground/Background (Black/White) Color
E Eraser Tool To Pick Eraser Tool
F Cycle Screen Modes Cycle Screen Modes upto full screen
G Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool To pick Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool
I Eyedropper Tool To pick Eyedropper Tool
L Lasso Tool To Pick Lasso Tool
M Marquee Tool To Pick Marquee Tool
O Dodge / Burn / Sponge Tool To pick Dodge / Burn / Sponge Tool (Use Shift + O to toggle between)
P Pen / Freeform Pen Tool To pick Pen / Freeform Pen Tool (Use Shift + P to toggle between)
Q Standard / Quick Mask Mode To Activate Standard / Quick Mask Mode
S Clone / Pattern Stamp Tool To pick Clone / Pattern Stamp Tool (Use Shift + S to toggle between)
T Type/Text Tool To Pick Type/Text Tool
U Shapes Tool To pick Shapes Tool
V Move Tool To pick Move Tool
W Magic Wand Tool To Pick Magic Wand Tool
X Switch Colors Switch beween Foreground/Background Color

List 4

Photoshop Miscellaneous Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Result Explained
Ctrl + D Deselect Deselect your selection on the document
] Increase Brush Size Increase Brush Size
[ Decrease Brush Size Decrease Brush Size
1 – 0 Tool Opacity Use numbers from 1 – 0 to set opacity
Hold Space Hand Tool Hold Space and use mouse with left click to move around the document
Ctrl + Shift + I Inverse Selection Selects opposite of your present seleciton
Alt + Ctrl + D Feather Selection Feather Selection
Ctrl + Space + Click Zoom In Zoom In Document
Alt + Space + Click Zoom Out Zoom Out Document
Shift + A-Z keys Toggle Between Toogle Between the hidden tools
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S Save for Web Save Document for Web in your desired selected options (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.)
Ctrl + T Free Transform Tool Free Transform Tool
Alt + Ctrl + T Duplicate Free Transform Duplicate Free Transform
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T Duplicate Transform Again Duplicate Transform Again
Alt + Backspace Fill Foreground Color Fill Foreground Color
Ctrl + Backspace Fill Background Color Fill Background Color
Ctrl + ] Bring Forward Bring Forward (Selected Layer)
Ctrl + [ Send Backward Send Backward (Selected Layer)
Ctrl + Shift + ] Bring To Front Bring To Front (Selected Layer)
Ctrl + Shift + [ Send to Back Send to Back (Selected Layer)
Ctrl + J Layer via Copy Layer via Copy
Ctrl + Shift + J Layer via Cut Layer via Cut
Ctrl + Shift + N New Layer Create New Layer
Ctrl + E Merge Layers Merge Layers
Ctrl + Shift + E Merge visible Merge visible Layers
Alt + ] Next Layer Move to Next Layer
Alt + [ Previous Layer Move to Previous Layer
Ctrl + W Close Close Document
Ctrl + 0 Fit on Screen Fit on Screen
Alt + Ctrl + 0 Actual Size Actual Size of Document

Hope the list of essential photoshop shortcuts will be helpful for you guys.

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  1. Web design nigeria Says:

    Here are the major ones I use that have always helped sped up my work. ctrl+shft+c to copy mereged, then ctrl+n to open a new page and ctrl+alt+shft+s to save for web. I do this all the time when I am cutting out a psd to mark it up for the web. My fingers even already know the shape of these various shortcuts that I dont even really need to look anymore…awesome!!


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    this stuff really helps

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    This is really cool and useful information, I am definitely bookmarking this page.

  4. Brian Says:

    I would suggest another copy of this post somewhere that has the Mac-equivalents to these keyboard shortcuts for those beginners who don’t use Windows to use Adobe® Photoshop®.

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    good tutorial

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    Thanks for these,definitely going to print them off and out them next to my desk

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    Wow you guy’s did a great work, With this i know i can improve my skill with the keyboard shortcut… Thanks

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