42 Amazing Business Card Holders

February 27th, 2009 Posted in Various

In the past, we brought you articles focusing on creative business card designs. The idea is  that a unique business card will leave a lasting impression on everyone that comes across it. Our articles on amazing business card designs can be found here http://www.reencoded.com/2008/05/20/42-awesome-business-card-designs-with-links-to-100s-more/#comment-1397. However, as a business owner, you may want to make the most remarkable, lasting impression on your customer as possible. A business card that is edible or that turns into a plant will certainly make a lasting impression. This article is for those who want to take it to an even higher level with amazing business card holders. I guarantee if you leave your card in one of these holders, your will leave an incredible impression. Enjoy!




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Hope these designs inspired you! Comments are appreciated!

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12 Responses to “42 Amazing Business Card Holders”

  1. Honour Chick Says:

    wow… very creative 🙂

  2. Lil Brandy Says:

    Best post!

  3. Logo Design Guru Says:

    These are so great and creative. I think it is fantastic when a business card holder can represent the nature of the business. I love these looks. thanks.

  4. Nate at Plasticprinters Says:

    Those are awesome, I like the Nintendo controller! I have been looking for some of these for the company I work at, Plasticprinters. We print plastic business cards and only carry the acrylic holders, which are nice but these are pretty impressive. Do you have sources for some of these?

    Great Post!


  5. JPS999 Says:

    Great card holders. Really inventive and unique. Uprinting isn’t the only source for your business card needs. Vistaprint (http://www.vistaprint.co.uk) has a range of business card designs so that you can match your design with a creative business card holder.

  6. pinkograf Says:

    Mmmmm nice mini collection!
    I think business cards must be different, various, original,
    Here my collection. 550 pieces and more.

  7. juan carlos Says:

    muy buenos los diseños y creasiones

  8. Webby Design Guru Says:

    Really impressive! It is nice to see such an awesome collection of card holders.

  9. jesse utter Says:

    Do you guys have a holder that looks like a sofa?Would like to buy about ten of them. thanks (843)530-8235

  10. Leila Says:

    The first one and the guillotine style one is really interesting. It’s pretty clever that a roll of paper can be a business card holder!

  11. Dr Reetu Rudra Says:

    Beautiful collection. Somebody gifted me the one with silver finish.

  12. marista Says:


    Can anyone please tell me where i can order these alligator holders???? pleeeaaaassssseee?

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