52 More Unique Business Card Designs

February 18th, 2009 Posted in Various

Hey All,

After the success of 42 Awesome Business Card Designs (With Links to 100s More) and Fourty-Two More Creative Business Card Designs, we are back with 52 More Unique Business Card Designs. Enjoy!

chocolate business card

4 usb business card

beautiful business cards

10 ticket business cards

12 peoples faces business card

best business card designs

business card

28 stack business card

29 peel away business card

31 weird business card

33 mp3 business card

35 elevator business card

36 business card seeds

busness card with tape measurer

best business cards

creative business card

peanut business card

chocolate business card desings

best business cards

edible business cards

business cards

edible business cards

beautiful business card designs

cool business cards

wooden business cards

dentist tooth imprint business cards

best wooden business cards

wooden business cards

wood business card

business card

buy business cards

business card designs

good business cards

dollar business card

money business cards

metal business cards

metal business cards

good business cards

short business cards

pop up business cards

pop up business card designs

pop up business cards

plastic business cards

plastic business card designs

plastic business card

plastic cards

plastic business cards

orgami business cards

orgami business card designs

business cards

cd business cards

compact business cards

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15 Responses to “52 More Unique Business Card Designs”

  1. MMORPG Says:

    Good post, haha love the designs.

  2. make money from blogging Says:

    These business card designs really rock. Thanks for sharing.

  3. blogsarticle Says:

    These business card designs really rock.

  4. Reno Lovison Says:

    You guys really find impressive examples. For those looking for ideas on distribution and networking, check out my book “Turn Your Business Card Into Business.”

  5. How To Business Cards Says:

    The radio presenter business card is absolutely one of the most original ideas i’ve ever seen.

  6. affiliateinternetmarketingwebaholic Says:

    I think people would like your blog because I once conducted searching about this topic before and people would think your points are good.

  7. GC dizainas Says:

    I’d like to get one of those candy cards 🙂

  8. RackWire Says:

    Great collection of Unique Business cards. Thanks for the great ideas on creating a good Brand!

  9. Efektyvus Dizainas Says:

    Inspirational collection. Keep up the good work.

  10. Business Cards Custom Says:

    The edible ones look tasty! Are they really edible though? Like the cookie one with the filling? Creative but then it can’t be kept by your client for very long..nor can they put it in their wallets. I’d stick with the others that are made of plastic or paper but with really great design.

  11. Rob Says:

    The Sound Envision translucent plastic card and the Bentley metal business card were both created by http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk/plasticbusinesscards.htm .

    Anyone know where the wooden cards are produced?

  12. 42 Unusually Brilliant Business Card Designs [PICS] Says:

    […] 52 more Awesome Business Card Designs […]

  13. The Virtual Assist Solutions Says:

    I love the designs 🙂

  14. Business Cards Art Business Cards Photoshop-Art Says:

    […] To summarize, while to many personal business cards like those mentioned earlier may seem more like the novelty than the practical professional option. So, perhaps edible calling cards are not for everybody working on Wall Street but knowing who you are and where you could go, what lies in your future? Are you an Cream color type 1, 3.5 x 2 in., modern business cards with Typical “Joe” name, working title and clippings? On the other hand, could you be a light-up pop-up image with small disc insert? Learn how to make your own unique business cards by clicking on art business cards photoshop. […]

  15. Miami Says:

    I am looking for samples for real estate industry.. Thee is one here but did not lke it much.. Thx

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