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September 25th, 2008 Posted in [Re]encoded $1000 Contest

Yahoo! has created Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 with a new service called Pingbox which is similar to a live chat box, but in the form of a Flash Widget that can be embed in any website or blog. Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox is a little Yahoo! Messenger module for your blog, social network profile, or other personal web site. It lets people who are on your site chat with you as long as you are signed into th messenger!

Like the Google Talk badge, site visitors can send you private messages via the Pingbox chat box without requiring an IM client. The only difference is that Yahoo! Pingbox is embed in your website while Google Talk opens a pop-up window. The downside of Yahoo’s approach is that it extends the loading time of web pages because the widget will always download with the page.

Another difference is that you can customize the look-n-feel of your Yahoo! Pingbox through the dozens of themes available in the Pingbox studio. The Pingbox widget on your site will reflect the current status of your Yahoo! Messenger and will automatically become unavailable when you go off line or set your status as invisible.

Pingbox conversation is exclusively one-to-one between an individual visitor and you. Other than the two of you, a Pingbox conversation is not visible to anyone else. Even though lots (and lots!) of visitors can be on the same web page at any moment. The fact remains that nobody sees a Pingbox conversation except for the single person you’re having a conversation with.

With this version of Messenger, you’ll see a Pingbox group in your Contacts List, under whatever name you gave the Pingbox , you can have more than one Pingbox on more than one site. The Pingbox group shows you who’s on your site. It also enables you to initiate a conversation if you see someone you’d like to chat with. Visitors can also ping you via Pingbox if you’re using other versions of Yahoo! Messenger, but again – you will not see the Pingbox group in your Contacts List unless you upgrade to the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger.

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