2008 Web Development Trends

August 5th, 2008 Posted in Industry News

So we’re in the middle of Web 2.0, the first real movement in web development since it’s interception.  New technologies, most notably AJAX and the enhanced knowledge and usage of CSS, has allowed for amazing, innovative websites that would have never been created in the not so distant past.

But even Web 2.0, or at least what many consider the “look” of Web 2.0, is changing.  There’s not nearly as much focus on the :shiney: images and logos, rather a shift to a more creative and artsy design.  While the mirrored logo and shiny look made popular by apple is still very much a part of the culture, many designers, Apple included, has gone to a more free flowing, artsy, creative design.  Here’s the top trends for 2008:

1. Art Work intergrated into the design.  With CSS allowing for more and more creative design, and more developers understanding the importance and sleekness of non-table based layouts, designers are getting much more free reign.  They are taking full advantage, using abstract art work, flowers, drawings, water colors, or just purely drawn layouts to give their sites a personal and fresh look.  Now only your imagination (and ability to draw) can hold you back.

2. Post-its, frames, and image decoration using CSS.  So who wants to spend hours manipulating images in Photoshop?  That’s so 2007!  With the power of CSS, designers now can create amazing effects for their images by wrapping them in a simple CSS tag.  Great things are being done with photo-like frames, posted notes, bulletin board backgrounds, and masks to add flare to your photos.

 3. The Cool Factor!  AJAX allows for much more sleek applications and developers are becoming quite amazing with its application.  With menus that process in real time, forms that auto-fill in based on previous information, menus that are out of this world, AJAX gives developers options to do everything better, faster, and maybe most importantly cooler!

So there’s just a few of the 2008 Web Development Trends.  We’d love to hear what YOU are thinking!

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  1. Ehsan Says:

    Browser incompatibility represents a huge challenge for all webmasters. Incompatibility issues can affect images, JavaScript functions, style sheets, , page layout , and links.Still its 2008 and web 2.0!!!

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