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August 2nd, 2008 Posted in [Re]views

Everyone knows that backlinks are essential if you want to increase your website’s traffic. I recently discovered an incredible site called Qassia that provides site owners with free links. Qassia’s mission is to rid link exchange, link submission and web directories from the SEO process and by allowing site to promote themselves with original content. Although Qassia is just starting out; it looks like it might just be the next big thing, so getting in early is a good idea. Not to mention that for a limited time, they are giving out 500 Qassia dollars for every referral you bring them. Qassia dollars cannot be redeemed for cash but they do determine the rank of your site within Qassia. If it ends up being the next Myspace, having a highly ranked site in Qassia could end up being extremely rewarding. If free backlinks and Qassia dollars aren’t enough for you, don’t worry, you can also make real money with Qassia as well. Before we get to that let me give you an overview of how everything works. The first thing that happens is you sign up for free. ( If you are already interested you can sign up by clicking here.) Once you sign up, you register your site(s), for free of course. Once this is done you can start creating intel. Intel is the content that you submit to Qassia in exchange for the free links. Basically intel is any type of content that you want to create. It can be posts from your blogs, articles about something you know – basically anything. I personally submit posts from [Re]encoded as well as some articles that I create specifically for Qassia. After you submit your intel, Qassia will review it and pay you a certain amount of Qassia dollars based on the quality of your intel. The articles are then placed on Quassia where they are read by people that visit the site. When people read your articles, not only are they referred to your site, but you also make money with Qassia’s revenue sharing program. Qassia places Adsense ads on each one of your articles and you receive 100% of the revenue from those ads. (it is placed directly into your Adsense account) To break it down, every article you submit gets you a free backlink, Qassia dollars and Adsense revenue. Its a win, win, win! I know I will be submitting a lot of intel!

If you are interested in signing up, here is the link.

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