From Locomotion to Cognition

July 8th, 2008 Posted in Gadgets, Industry News

Robots may soon live among us! In the past, scientists thought the best way to create AI was with a body controlled by a central robot brain. New thinking, however, suggests that intelligence starts from the body, not the brain. The starfish above is an example of the latter. When in rough terrain, the starfish robot has the ability to pick different walking configurations and choose which one works the best. When the starfish is turned on, it flops around and chooses the most succesful movement; records it and thus increases its intelligence. This could solve a fundamental problem of creating AI. That is if AI had a central brain, it would be almost impossible to program every detail of the world into it. With this new way of thinking, future robots could not only be able to learn but act and look just like real people.  In his book, Love and Sex with Robots, David Levy predicts that people will be having sex with human-like robots by the year 2050! 


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  1. bs Says:

    I doubt it. If I have sex with a robot in 2050 I’ll give you $50

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