A Compilation of Helpful Firefox Add-Ons

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Tab Effect is an unusual Firefox add-on that takes tab control to new levels. Continue reading for a list of the Firefox add-ons that you must have!


Web/Graphic Design

Clipmarks Linking to web pages is now a thing of the past. You can use Clipmarks to create clips of web sites to make it easier to show people exactly what you are referring to.

Codetch This web page editing tool has the feel of Dreamweaver in a Firefox extension.

Colorzilla Get a color reading from anywhere in your browser. Also has a zoom feature.

CSS Viewer CSS property viewer.

Firebug  A must for any web developer,  edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

FirePHP Use a PHP function call to print your firebug.

FireShot Helps you create screen shots of web pages.

Font Finder Highlight any font and this tool will tell you what it is.

FoxyTunes Now you can listen to music on the job.

Greasemonkey Use javascript to customize web display with this extension 

GridFox Allows you to create a grid over any web site.

HTML Validator Amazing tool for validating HTML

IE Tab Need to know if your site looks good in internet explorer? This tool is the solution.

Link Checker Instantly check the validity of links. Red means a broken link, yellow means forbidden links, green means good and gray means skipped.

Load Time Analyzer An extension that lets you know how long a page takes to load in Firefox.

MeasureIt Creates a ruler allowing you to measure pixel width and height.

Opera View View pages in Firefox as if they were in Opera without having to leave Firefox. This allows you to see the differences between the two which can be very helpful in solving coding problems.

Pagediff Helps web designers compare web pages to solve coding problems.

Palette Grabber This extension can be used with photoshop and a variety of other programs to create color palettes.

Platypus Edit web pages from your browser.

Python Sidebar Seamlessly integrates the Python programming language into your browser.

View Cookies Find out which websites are using cookies and what is stored in those cookies. Also allows you to delete cookies.

View Source Chart Creates color-coded squares around html tags making it easier to distinguish them.

Windows Resizer Lets you resize your browser to common resolution sizes so that you can see web pages in various browsing dimensions. Includes these resolutions 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200.

Web Developer An excellent menu with a variety of web development tools. Allows you to disable cookies, disable certain features of a web page as well as edit the CSS of a page.

Rank Quest A tool that tracks your google page position, keyword performance and also includes several SEO features. 

SEO Book, SEOpen, Seoquake, SearchStatus  Must have SEO tools for any web designer.

Total Validator This all in one validation tool checks links, html and lets you take screen shots.

Xinha Here A very useful WYSIWYG editor.

X-ray Forget viewing the sourcecode install X-ray and you can view tags without it. Make sure to also check out Professor X a similar tool which allows you to look inside a web page’s head without viewing the sourcecode.

Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Use this tool to make a site easier for people with poor vision to read.


Blue Organizer  The Blue Organizer tells you how popular a variety of things are on the web (books, music etc.) and provides useful links relating to the subject, helps create customized widgets for your blog and manages all your favorite things on the Internet.

Delicious Bookmarks Search, browse, organize,  and import your bookmarks with Delicious Bookmarks or use Shareaholic  to access all of your bookmarks from a central location.

Menu Editor  Enhance your menu with this add-on.

Organize Status Bar Helps you keep your status bar clutter free.

 ReminderFox Have trouble remembering dates? ReminderFox is a tool that reminds you of important events, birthdays, anniverseries etc.


Foxy Proxy Fix Firefox’s inferior proxying capabilities with this proxy management extension.

Hyperwords Increase the efficiency of your right click menu with Hyperwords.

PicsLens If you were a fan of Browster before it mysteriously disappeared, and you haven’t heard about PicLens yet, you should definitely check it out. Piclens lets you preview links without leaving the page you are viewing which increases your web browsing efficiency. You might also like Tab Scope a tool which allows you to preview tabs before clicking.

WOT Keep clear of spyware, risky websites, scams and spam with WOT. For added security also check out NoScript, block intrusive ads with Adblock Plus or block annoying flash with Flashblock.           


Answers This is an amazingly helpful tool- alt-click any word to get reliable facts about that word. I also find the Dictionary Tooltip  to be useful as well.

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5 Responses to “A Compilation of Helpful Firefox Add-Ons”

  1. Sucker Says:

    Holy crap I didn’t know this stuff existed! I use some of the design and debugging extensions, but now I’ll be using more of them, some of which I’ve actually been wishing for.

  2. kritterkat Says:

    yeah the picnick is awesome if you want to fool around with pictures but don’t have the time to use photoshop…it’s all automatic and can adjust coloring and the usual but it also has some great effects
    and PicsLens is great i’m glad i have it

  3. DarkSteele Says:

    I think you meant Seamlessly instead of seemingly… (for the python tool bar).

  4. aj Says:

    Didn’t mention about data collection tools.. 😮
    I suggest you OutWit Hub, a new addon on FF3 that allows you to easily collect data on the Web: download pictures, export html tables on an Excel spreadsheet… very useful.
    Sorry if it looks like a spam but i believe it could interest you!

  5. Веста Says:

    Спасибо. Прочитал с интересом

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