Fourty-Two More Creative Business Card Designs

June 15th, 2008 Posted in Aesthetics, Gadgets, Various


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Please refer to the following articles to see the business card designs

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35 Responses to “Fourty-Two More Creative Business Card Designs”

  1. Brisbane Web Design Says:

    I liked the first one.

  2. Peter Johnson Says:

    I am always amazed by these designs,

    Question is


    I have searched the internet and found nothing!!!

  3. Says:

    Many of those ‘ideas’ will get the owner sue, i mean, TedEx will get his ass handed to him.

  4. Garth Hansen Says:

    Hey Peter: Much of the design in these is diecutting, which you have have done lots of places. Most printers will do die cuts. There’s also laser cutters that can do very intricate designs. The clear stock and other stuff you just have to find. Thats where a good agency comes in! (hint) We’ve done printing on most materials, and a ton of other interesting stuff.

  5. Mr. Sustinable Says:

    Tremendous opportunities for differentiation! Nifty!

  6. video bulur Says:

    great designs 😀

  7. sarah Says:

    interesting, but I’m not sure I like some of these… whereas normal business-card-sized business cards usually either get stuck into my wallet or at least into a pocket, the ones that are huge or some “clever” shape etc are likely to get tossed.

  8. drew Says:

    My favorite business card i have gotten was a actually one of those puzzles that is in a plastic frame, and all the parts slide around, you had to solve the slide puzzle to see the logo and information.

  9. Melissa Says:

    Peter, if you’re looking for information on producing intricate cards or materials, I can provide you more information. Feel free to contact me at

  10. Kevin Says:

    the first one is by far the best

  11. Bean Says:

    Great designs… especially the first one. Shouldn’t have partaken before writing the headline, it’s spelt forty-two red eyes ;-).

    – Ben

  12. SD Says:

    @peter johnson

    Just call a local press or pre-press. And I’m sure they can help you, you can’t find that sort of thing on the web.

  13. max Says:

    this is just great .. another wonderful collection

  14. Anon Says:

    @ Bean, who said “it

  15. phalkon30 Says:


    They do custom Business Cards and other things, and I do mean custom. If you have any idea for a card, they’ll try to do it for you. Mcloone prints on aluminum/stainless/polycarbonate/etc substrates, pretty much whatever you want.

  16. Dan Says:

    Very neat. I know if I was handed one of these cards, I wouldn’t forget that business!

  17. Aubrey Meneses Says:

    Hmm…have to think hard now for when it comes time to design mine. Good source for inspiration.

  18. Furious Photographers Says:

    I have no idea where they get the awesome ideas or where they can get that printed, but I surely want some for my destination wedding photography business.

  19. stopshortstop Says:

    Some of these aren’t business cards. Nail files, clothes pins, and air fresheners aren’t business cards–they’re little free gifts that have the company info on them. Companies have been doing this for decades–I have several refrigerator magnets with ads for companies on them and other products as well, such as one of those rubber things that you use to get a good grip on a jar when opening it (hardware store giveaway/ad). Mini-calendars, pencils, matchbooks, lighters and many other items have been used in this fashion; there’s hardly anything unique, creative or ingenious about it. And it really is stretching the definition of “business card”. Just because it has info about a company (or person) doesn’t make it a business card.
    Also, those cards that are actually cards but that aren’t standard business card size, whether because they’re too thick (like the one that looks like a matchbook) or because they’re oddly shaped end up getting tossed when given to me (and I tend to get a lot of cards given to me) because they don’t fit in my wallet or business card file. Most of my colleagues feel the same way. Those “creative” cards are a detriment, not a benefit.

  20. THEY design Says:

    People have things like this made by people like me.

  21. JW Says:

    People that try this hard with their business card generally have no substance behind them!

    All they are saying about themselves is that they can come up with a, in most cases here clich

  22. vBharat » Fourty-Two More Creative Business Card Designs Says:

    From vBharat » Fourty-Two More Creative Business Card Designs…

    In today

  23. raskol Says:

    These business cards are terrific. They come bound in booklets much like matchbooks:

  24. Amelie Says:

    The plastic card with the red fluid is an interesting usage of liquid and plastics. It also reminds me of a Capri Sun for vampires.
    Bloody Mary anyone?

  25. Kristian Says:

    Creativity is about finding what works, then making it unique and memorable. NOT just being different for the sake of saying, “See I’m different”.

    My personal opinion from experience as being an assistant to business women, the most current one is the president of a Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. Most of these “Cards” would get thrown out by a real business person who receives them. They are simply too “different” for their own good. They are a pain to carry and are in many ways an insult to both the presenter and receiver of the card. You can’t do OCR (scan business cards into a database) as well.

    Normal people like you and me think, “Wow, that’s creative, that’s cool, look at this”. But to business people who you’re trying to network with, (The whole point of business cards), they won’t like carrying them around or even worse, they might see the company as being naive, too untraditional to the point where you think you’re better than everyone else or that the rules don’t apply to you, not qualified, not able to follow instructions, not creative enough to stand out using the standard business card form.

    “The loudest person in the room is always avoided by others”
    “Those with the most shine and gold on their clothing are the most desperate”

    IF the “cards” above can be handled, stored, and read like normal cards then that would work perfectly. Or if the above “cards” came with a standard sized business card then that would work perfectly as well.

  26. Affordable Web Design Says:

    Love it when I come across these. Great collection, thanks for posting!

  27. Ja Says:

    How to view another 41 Business Cards? I see only one.

  28. Ja Says:

    I can see only one buisness card with THC :/
    Thx anyway.

  29. Jon S Says:

    i thought there were 42???
    maybe the first card has something to do with the miscount?

  30. admin Says:

  31. Jean-Marc Says:

    That’s edgy! We are featuring those guys clients in our business cards list, here 😉

  32. Anthony Proulx Says:

    Great repost!

  33. SEO Agentur Says:

    Very nice designs! Phuc

  34. Business card templates Says:

    Nice designs. Thanks for sharing

  35. Roger Says:

    Pretty but i’m guessing most of them are expensive as well. Business cards are an investment in that sense i guess.

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